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    Another $5 Underground - July 20th July 9, 2007
    I will be doing a Live PA on Friday, July 20th at 1968 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago. Also playing; Adonis Childs, Bai-ee, Billy-O, BRC, DECAY, Mike Brankis, Pipeline, Release, Roll, Surreality, Four4, D Sabel, Misteries and K Squared. My current scheduled slot is after midnight at 1:30 - 2:30am. This event is taking place after TFU's weekly Friday event in the parking lot. For more information on these fun summer "Block Parties", visit

    Some New Videos May 20, 2007
    It's been a while since I posted any videos. I recently edited a few funny ones from the past year as well as footage from the Detroit Electronic Music Festival 06. New music and videos are in the works.

    Happy St. Patrick's Move In March 17, 2007
    After closing the deal and staying up all night packing the truck, we started the move into the new place on Patty's Day. Lots of work to go, but its great to be here. Thanks for all the hands that helped!

    Movin' to Chicago January 28, 2007
    CondoDespite what a "bangin'" town Wheaton is, Erin and I decided we had our fun (or lack of) there and it was time to get into the city. We just signed a deal on a condo out there and should be moved out by the end of March.

    Return to Big House - December 7th November 1, 2006
    I was asked back to play at Big House on Thursday, December 7th. Eclectic Grooves has dedicated this night in their "Static" weekly event to Live PAs. So come show support for the "DJs that make their own music". Check out the Flyer for more information.

    Big House - September 16th September 7, 2006
    After a long summer break, I will be playing a live set at Big House. I plan to try out some new tricks and tracks that I have been working on. Big House is located at 2354 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL. Saturday, September 16th. See the Flyer for more information.

    Photo Page, Now With Actual Content July 4, 2006
    I redid the photo section of the site well over a year ago, but never really uploaded any pictures (so what's the point). I changed some things around and then actually put pictures up this time. See many pictures in various categories on the Photo page.

    Documentary Complete June 19, 2006
    After 6 months, the documentary is finally complete and all sections have been uploaded. I also have a DVD available for those interested. Come see the stories and the madness on Video page.

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